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Motion Graphics animations are a modern and engaging tool to present information to your audience. They are used to promote brands, tell stories or make your logo look spectacular. Some of the biggest brands in London, the UK and worldwide have asked Infocandy to make theirs.

What is a
Motion Graphics animation?

What is a<br />
Motion Graphics animation?

Motion Graphics are short, informative, visually stunning animations that can communicate a message in a colourful, entertaining, and informative way. This could be to communicate sales performance numbers in a presentation, or animate your 3D logo for social media.

As you can see from the Motion Graphics examples on our website, there is no one size fits all approach. We use a variety of different animation techniques, art styles and colour palettes. We take your brand guidelines and work like we are a part of your company. At Infocandy, we pride ourselves on having the skills to adapt our style to fit with seamlessly with your brand.

So, no matter your particular business needs, know that our Motion Graphics production agency has the power to showcase your marketing messages through the compelling videos we can create for you. Whether you’re looking for help in getting your new start-up off the ground or looking for ways to reach a new demographic with your established business, our agency can help you achieve your goals. If you’re located in either Bristol, London, or elsewhere in the world, contact us today to discuss what you need.

Why Should My Business
Use Motion Graphics?

Listing numbers or graphs on your website can look boring and turn off potential customers. Using some of our Motion Graphics animations will let you shout about your company in a way that will make people listen. If you’re looking to reach new customers for your business, whether it’s a brand-new startup or an established company, you can capitalise on this popular trend to drive traffic to your website.

Why Should My Business<br />
Use Motion Graphics?

Case Studies

Motion Graphics Portfolio

Xchanging - Application Services

Xchanging - Application Services

How we make an Animated Explainer Video

  • Initial Meeting

    A meeting to chat about your explainer video so we know exactly what you want to get out of it. We’ll discuss audience, art style, length and where the film will be shown.
  • Script

    Some clients like to write this themselves, some like us to do it. That’s totally up to you. If you’d like us to help you out all we need is a few bullet points about what you’d like to say.
  • Storyboard

    Armed with our signed-off script, we’ll create a frame-by-frame sketch of how we envisage your animation to flow. You are welcome to make as many edits as necessary at this stage.
  • Style Frame

    To make sure you are happy with the look and feel of your animated explainer video, we will take a frame from the storyboard and create three fully designed versions for you to choose your style from.
  • Animation

    With the script, storyboard and style frames all approved by you, we’ll then turn this into your film. We’ll handle everything from sound, voice overs, animation and editing.
  • Final Delivery

    You’ll have the opportunity to make any final tweaks to the animation before we then render out your final product in the formats you want for you to keep forever.
86% Using videos on landing pages will increase your sales conversions by up to 86% with 7/8 customers saying they are more likely to trust a brand after watching a video.
Mobile video views have DOUBLED year on year since 2016
53x Google is 53 times more likely to discover your website if your front page includes a content-related video.

Do I need a Motion Graphics Animation?

People in the UK and worldwide watch motion graphics because…

  • They don’t want to spend a lot of time reading through reams of text
  • They find them easier to digest than text-based marketing messages
  • They want to learn about a subject or a business in a fun and creative way

Your company should use explainer videos because…

You can cut through different languages and cultures

No matter what language your customers speak and no matter what culture they are a part of, motion graphics can explain your message in a simple and understandable way, with animation that doesn’t require text to get your message across.

For example, if your UK based company is marketing to customers across the globe, our Bristol agency can create motion graphics that will communicate your message in a way that everybody can understand.

You can cut through different languages and cultures

Videos can go viral

Animated Motion Graphics can be spectacular, engaging, and visually powerful. If they strike a chord with members of your audience, their natural inclination will be to share them on their social media channels. This is great news for you as your message will spread far and wide and you could increase your customer base as a consequence.

Videos can go viral

Google loves videos

There are lots of statistics online that prove the effectiveness of videos when trying to push a website up Google’s search rankings. Motion Graphics are good for your SEO because they can drive traffic to your website if they are used on your social media channels and they can keep people on your website for longer if you have videos for them to watch on your site pages.

So, if your business website isn’t performing very well on Google and you would like to rise above your nearest competitors, explainer videos are an excellent way to help you climb higher and boost your profile.

Google loves videos

What Can Animated Explainer Videos Be Used For?

For most companies, Motion Graphics are a valuable tool for marketing. So, if you’re looking to promote your brand in an innovative and entertaining way, the videos that we can create for you are definitely the way to go. Outside of your usual marketing channels, there are other uses for your motion graphics videos. These can include:

  • How-to videos that explain how your products work
  • Explanations about your company for industry presentations
  • Recruitment aids to explain your business to potential employees
  • Fund-raising tools to give people a reason to invest in your business

So, if you need to communicate a particular message to any party involved with your business, tell us about your needs and we will create something amazing for you.

What Can Animated Explainer Videos Be Used For?

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