Educational Animations for Yale University on Emotional Intelligence

Educational Animations for Yale University on Emotional Intelligence

Yale University approached us to help them create a series of brand new educational animations to help youth leaders in their Out of School Time programme understand the value and application of Emotional Intelligence. This project involved every element of animation production, including scripting, creating a full visual identity, designing a cast of characters to fit with strict inclusivity and inclusion criteria, multiple rounds of storyboards and animatics, background design, animation, and sound.

Along the way, we have learnt a huge amount ourselves about how to recognise and control different emotions in ourselves and in others, and we suggest that everyone should give these films a watch. The work done by everyone at Yale on this subject is absolutely essential and seen by many as the world leading voice and authority on the topic of Emotional Intelligence. Therefore, we had to be certain the messages and concepts we were portraying were factually correct.

Infocandy have worked tirelessly to learn and understand the content, ensured diversity across all films, and been creative in their approach to delivering a wonderful set of animations.

Charlene Vouce, Former director of communications at Yale OST

The style of these animations needed to be clear, characterful and accessible. A priority was to design characters that were able to show nuanced emotions. It was also vital that we correctly represented everybody, from gender to ethnicity to sexuality. We went through multiple rounds of focus groups, collecting and actioning feedback throughout the production to make sure we had got this right.

These films are now being gradually released over the course of this year via Yale’s RULER website.

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