The Secret To Success - Our Animation Process

The Secret To Success – Our Animation Process

People often ask us how we go about making a film, how much input we require from them and how long it’ll take. This is a bloody hard question to answer as it can be vastly different for every project. That said, here is a bit of a rule of thumb guide as to how we will approach your animation…

Planning – We need to extract as much information from you as possible. We need to know about what you want the animation to say, who you want to say it to and what you want them to do after watching it. This info can be provided just as rough notes and bullet points or an attempt at a fully written script. We will then take whatever you have given us and start piecing together a story/thread for your video. We like to do this face to face, either in person or online, so we can fire questions to each other and get immediate responses. Much more efficient than going back and forth over email. This would take about 45 minutes of your time, but that’s pretty much all you have to do.

Scripting – We then take these notes, mad scribbles and doodles and form them into an animation script for you to sign off. The length of this script will depend on your budget and whether you want the animation to be led by words on the screen or by a voice over.

Storyboarding – Once we have all agreed the script, we will plan out what will happen in the animation with a sketched frame by frame storyboard. You’re welcome to give as much guidance as you want at this stage, or you can just leave us to get on with it. We will create a sketched storyboard and send it over to you for approval. It’s easy to make changes at this stage, so sections can be edited and redrawn without incurring any extra costs. Once we have this agreed and signed off, it is more difficult and time consuming to make changes so we make sure that you’re happy with it right from this early stage.

Style Frames – We will have discussed art styles in the first meeting, but to make sure you like what we have in our little heads regarding the style of your film, we will take a couple of scenes from the sketched storyboard and draw them up into full colour to look exactly like they will in the final film. Once we have this agreed this, together with the storyboard, we will all have a pretty clear vision of how the final film will look.

Asset Building – When the storyboard and style frames are signed off, we set about designing all the assets that will appear in your film. This includes characters, backgrounds, objects, text boxes…everything! 

Animation – This is when we lock ourselves in the studio and beaver away until your film is looking awesome! It hugely depends on the project, but a typical 90 second animation will usually take about 6 – 10 days to animate depending on how complex it is. 

Sign off – we give you the opportunity to make any minor tweaks or amends to the final film before we sign it off and it’s all yours!

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