Oil spill Not-For-Profit organisation use colourful vector animation to show achievements in 2022

ITOPF’s main aim in life is to help prevent oil spills, and help deal with them when they do happen. They came to us back in 2019 to create content for their social media platforms, and this year they wanted an animation to show all the great achievements they have made over the past 12 months.

This animation has been made using solid vector shapes, mixed with kinetic typography and live photos of key staff members.

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  • They delivered a truly fantastic piece of work. Their talent, creativity and sense of fun shone through the piece. Anna was incredibly knowledgeable and put together a great script very quickly. The team set a clear timetable for the work – including storyboards, review points, time for tweaks etc – and stuck to it.

    Cordelia Hebblethwaite Commissioning Editor, BBC

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